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National Quality and Safety Group

National Quality and Safety Group (NQS) provides advice, mentoring and training to NDIS providers and community business organisations to review and improve quality and safety management systems. NQS offers professional recognition programs and all-round support with quality and safety.

Supporting Quality Managers

Quality Managers are the beating heart of quality and safety, particularly for NDIS providers and community organisations. After all, people’s well-being depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality and safeguarding framework.

NQS offers platinum membership, Quality Manager certificates of competency and a range of NDIS quality and safety management assistance and products. There is also a mentoring and support service, which will give you access not only to an expert in NDIS compliance, but also somebody who understands the demands of your work.

Former Quality Auditor for NDIS Practice Standards

Co-founder and Group Director Peter Burton has worked in the community and disability sector for over 30 years. He was a Quality Auditor for NDIS Practice Standards and the first accredited assessor for disability standards in Australia in 2001.

Peter speaks the language of your profession and helps ensure your NDIS compliance is always focused on the participants, not a box-ticking exercise.

NDIS Quality Platinum
NDIS Quality Manager
Certificate of Competency
NDIS Provider Quality
NDIS Pre-Induction

While specialising in the NDIS sector due to its highly regulatory nature,
NQS Group supports all Not-For-Profit and For-Profit organisations.

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